Thank you so much for your interest. Here are some basic information about wedding pricing to get you started. 


We have a minimum of $500 for wedding order that will require delivery and set up. 

If the cake is smaller than 6 & 8″ two tiered and will not be required to be set up onsite, the cake may be picked up and there is no minimum requirement for pick up.


Wedding cakes prices start at $7-$12 per serving. Please note that price is subject to change and is based on market value. We reserve the right to adjust the price should significant market prices increase prior to final payment.

Cupcakes prices can be found here: We do not have special pricing for large quantity as we are a one person team and each flower cupcakes takes quite a bit of time to make.  


Delivery is available for wedding orders over $500 at a starting rate of $45* plus $1 per mile round trip that is over 10 miles round trip radius from our location.

For example:
Delivery to a venue in Ankeny is 36 miles round trip.
36-10  = 26 miles 26x$1 = $26 in addition to flat rate. 
$45+$26 =  $71 total for delivery to Ankeny 


Set up fee is $45 per hour. Generally takes about one hour to set up, depending on the size of the cake

Large cake orders (20″ or taller) need to be assembled and arranged on-site and may take longer than one hour to set up. Delivery and set up by me will be required for tall tiered cakes. 


We take pride in designing your cake so it is unique to your needs as long as it is within our specialties. Our cakes and cupcakes are 90% decorated with buttercream frosting. Most of the flowers we use on the cakes and cupcakes are also done with buttercream. Occasionally, we may utilize the use of wafer paper, gum paste, fondant, royal icing or modeling chocolate as design accents on the cake, depending on the design. We do not offer fondant covered cake. There are so many amazing cake designers in the area who are super talented with fondant and I would be more than happy to share their contacts with you.

No fresh flowers, dry flowers, craft flowers or greeneries on the cake, please.  

CONSULTATION and tasting

We are more than happy to set up a 30-45 minutes consultation to discuss further details with you. This can either be done in person, phone or over a video conference. Please be sure to have most of the materials ready for our meeting. Please complete this form to help me understand your vision. 

Tasting box is available for $45 that I will have offer once every two months. That includes up to 6 assorted flavors of buttercream flowers cupcakes. We ask for 2 weeks advanced notice, please if you are interested in a tasting box. 


$100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the date, please. The deposit will be applied to the total. 


Please email your questions to or submit the Inquiry Form for a quote.