Custom Cake

Custom Cake Pricing

Each cake I make is designed and created just for you so prices vary. To give you an idea, most cakes starts at around $4.50-$7 per serving for basic buttercream cake. Fondant covered and wafer paper cake will cost more per serving than an all buttercream covered cake might. Most of my cakes are tall at around 6″ minimum height which would be equivalent to two 2 layers cake, stack on top of one another.

Tell us about your special event, your budget and what you are envisioning and we will do our homework to come up with some options for you.

How big is a serving?

Serving amounts are based on party-sized portions of 1.5 in. x 2 in. or smaller wedding-sized portions of approximately 1 in. x 2 in. Most of my cakes are 3-4 layers (about 5″- 8″ tall which can usually serves double the portions of typical two layers cakes).  (i.e. 8″ 1 tier round cake can served between 8-24. The cost will be 20 x $ + additional items = cake price).

Example of base pricing and serving sizes for floral and custom cakes: 

Single Tier (base price):

4″ Round – serves 4-8 slices, starts at $55
5″ Round – serves 5-10 slices, starts at $65
6″ Round – serves 10-15 slices, starts at $85
8″ Round – serves 20-30 slices, starts at $145
10″ Round – serves 28-48 slices, starts at $150

Please contact me if you would like to request pricing for cakes that are larger than 10″ or different cake shapes other than round cake. 

Multiple Tiers: Please contact me if you are interested in multi-tiered cake. I would be happy to give you an estimate once I receive all the basic information I need from you. 


Delivery is available for orders over $100 at a starting rate of $35 plus $1 per mile round trip that is over 10 miles radius (round trip would be 20 miles) from our location.
For example:
Delivery to a venue at The District in Ankeny is 36 miles round trip.
36-20  = 16 miles 16x$1 = $16 in addition to flat rate. 
$35+$16 =  $51 total for delivery to Ankeny 

Set up/Pick up

Set up and Material Pick up options are available for cakes that are delivered by Parinda Cupcakes. Set up fee is $45 per hour and Pick up fee is $45 per hour plus mileage fee to pick up rented materials. Set up and Pick up usually takes about 1-2 hours.