Cupcakes Pricing

Floral Cupcake Pricing

Floral Cupcake Arrangement
Price: starts at $55

The arrangements are created to resemble real floral arrangement with floral cupcakes. The floral cupcake arrangement starts at 5-7 mixture of small and regular size cupcakes.

Basic containers are included with the purchase of cupcake arrangement of 18 cupcakes or less. Larger arrangement will incur additional cost due to the higher cost of the containers.

Large or special containers can be rented or purchased. Prices are varied depending on the size of the container. We ask that you return the rented container within 7 days. You are more than welcome to use your own container.

Floral Cupcakes by the dozen

All cupcakes by the dozen can have one flavor per dozen and one dozen minimum order is required.

Price: starts at $35

Individual flowers are piped on top of each cupcake. 
mini – $35/dozen or $3 for each additional cake.
regular – $45/dozen or $4 for each additional cake.

Miniature Garden Cupcakes BY THE DOZEN

Price: starts at $40

A combination of Flowers, succulents and more are creatively designed and placed on each cupcake. Each dozen will be mixed with individual flowers or succulent and miniature garden.
mini – $40/dozen or $3.50 for each additional cake
regular – $50/dozen or $4.50 for each additional cake

Basic CupCake Pricing (non floral)

Price: starts at $20

mini – $20/dozen or $1.75 for each additional cake*
regular – $30/dozen or $2.50 for each additional cake*

One dozen minimum order is required for regular size cupcakes and two dozens for mini cupcakes.

All prices are subject to change at any time without notice.